About ASG

The Alberta Society of Gastroenterology is comprised of ASG only members and members of the GI Section of the AMA. Though the ASG and the GI Section are two separate entities (associations), they have the same governing board and works closely together.

Specifically, the ASG is an all encompassing body that represents all health care providers in Alberta working in or have an interest in digestive health. The ASG is a network of like-minded peers and focuses on bringing the digestive health community together.

The GI Section is focused on helping set the AMA’s direction through their delegates to the Representative Forum, billing and negotiations, changes and allocations of increases to the physician services budget, and patient care initiatives.

Individuals interested in joining ASG do not need to be members of the GI section of the AMA. ASG is here for anyone with an interest in digestive health; from research, education, patient care, pharmaceutical/drugs, and more.

Our Mission

The mission of the Society is to foster excellence in digestive health care in Alberta through its support for research, education, and continuous professional development.

The purpose of the AMA’s GI Section are:
  • to advance the scientific, educational, professional, and economic well-being of its members;
  • to serve and further the objects, needs, and interests of the Association and the Canadian Medical Association;
  • to represent and advocate for the Section in an effective manner as necessary and appropriate, including to the Representative Forum, the Board of Directors and committees of the Association;
  • to elect the requisite members to the Representative Forum of the Association in accordance with the Bylaws of the Association; and
  • to work with other appropriate organizations with common goals and purposes to further the interests of Section members and the Association.