The first Digestive Disease Week (DDW) Review Course is hosted at the Post Hotel in Lake Louise.


ASG was founded and established to be involved with the AMA / Section activities

The original ASG membership was comprised of Gastroenterologist who were members of the Alberta Medical Association, and aligned themselves with the GI Section


The ASG and GI Section retain their first Society Secretariat, BUKSA Conferences & Associations


The ASG Annual Meeting was held in Kananaskis for the last time after many years, and moved the meeting to Lake Louise


Alberta Digestive Disease Summit (ADDS) was born with the first Summit taking place in June 2013 due to immense interest for a longer and more encompassing conference from the digestive health community


The AMA made a requirement that all sections be established as independent organizations with similar bylaws.


The AMA GI Section became it‘s own independent organization from the AMA, new bylaws were established

The ASG and the AMA GI Section become two organizations, with identical governing boards.


New bylaws were enacted for the ASG (August 21, 2019)


The annual ADDS was canceled for the first time due to the COVID-19 pandemic


The ASG survives it‘s first pandemic!

The society hosts its first virtual webinar series – ADDS Abbreviated Virtual Series

ASG plans its first ever virtual Alberta Digestive Disease Summit (ADDS)